Featured solutions 157 Views How do I create and use an email macro?

Creating email macros is a great way to simplify your agents work and to make their everyday job more swift.

If you always get the same enquires you can write a preconfigured reply that can be quickly personalized for everyday use. You can create and edit macros by from dashboard settings.

To manage Macros, login to dashboard and navigate to SettingsTemplatesReply macros 

In this page you can view and edit all your macros: press the green button + New Reply Macro on your right to begin inserting the first one. It’s super-easy: just give it a name, to easily recognise it, and fill in the text. 


When you want to use this macro to reply to a ticket, you can quickly access it by hitting the Reply template modal box on the very right of your reply window: choose your macro, edit it if some further personalization is required and send it out. This feature will make your standard replies a real breeze!

Now you can use this macro to reply customer requests. Macros can be find on top right of the ticket reply box in a selection list. Choose a Macro you required from the list of macros.