257 Views How do I deal with Ticket's Status?

Ticket Status denotes what’s currently happening with a ticket. Deskero have four different statuses by default - Open, Pending, Closed and Resolved. 

You can check what’s going on with your ticket by opening up the ticket's page from the dashboard. For that,

  1. Login to your Deskero account
  2. Search for your ticket using the search box and filters.
  3. You can find its status at the top

Ticket Statuses

  • Opened - It denotes your ticket has just been opened and awaiting response from the Support staff. Newly generated tickets will have status by default.
  • On hold - Agents choose this status when they asked you for more information and wait for your response. 
  • Solved - Ticket status can be changed to "Solved" once it has been taken care of. When a proper resolution is given to a query or issue is fixed, it will be marked as Resolved. Customers can choose to close the ticket if satisfied with the given resolution or continue the conversation until you get more specific answer. 
  • Closed - Choose "Closed" when you have successfully acknowledged the issue's resolution. Even after it’s closed, customers can always respond to the ticket again to reopen it.

Updating Ticket Status

Customers will have an option to choose status when they submit a ticket via Web interface. They can later change it by editing the ticket.

Agents can update status using the button Change status at the bottom of tickets they want to edit. For that, navigate to the particular ticket → click on the button Change status → choose the status you want to switch to.

Alternatively, agents can update status by editing the ticket.

Note: Ticket status can also be changed while replying to tickets.

Labels highlighted with colored boxes represent ticket properties.

  • Urgent represents the ticket's priority and Top client represents customers' level
  • Incident in Green denotes the type of the ticket.
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