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179 Views Connect and configure your Twitter account to Deskero

Deskero multichannel support solution allows you to extend your customer service to all your social media. Tweets and Direct messages can be automatically converted into support tickets and Twitter can become an effective tool for direct customer care.

Connect and configure your Twitter account to Deskero:


  • Navigate to Settings → Social Networks →  Social Network accounts.



  • Click on the big green button + New account you see on the right.
  • Choose Twitter from the drop down menu.




  • Enter the username of your Twitter account and click on Authorize button. You’ll be redirected to authorization procedure of the app.






  • Login to your twitter account when it prompted to login and Authorize the app.





  • Deskero should be able to read your twitter account details.



  • Decide how you want to configure the twitter account
  • Select import mentions if you want to import them and convert them to tickets.
  • Choose import direct messages if you want to convert direct messages into tickets.
  • Check the option Daily monitoring for this account if you want to monitor your twitter activity and your competitors through Deskero Social monitor.


  • Select Basic: automatic assignment for automatic assignment of the tickets submitted via Twitter. Click here to learn about Advanced: manual assignment.
  • Click on Confirm to save details.

Conversion of tweets into tickets is automated. User can directly tweet via Twitter and their mentions or Direct Messages will be automatically converted into tickets. Agents can reply them directly using Deskero.

This is how the customer starts conversation or submits query:


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