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357 Views How do I create a ticket?

Tickets are requests and queries submitted by customers through different channels.

Deskero was designed to deal with requests coming from multiple channels. Besides the traditional web interface, tickets can be submitted via e-mails, chat conversations, social media and telephonic conversations.

Creating ticket from Deskero’s Dashboard:

Customers can create tickets from customer portal or by logging into the Dashboard. To create a ticket, 

  • Login to your Deskero helpdesk account and click the green button Add a new ticket on the top right of your dashboard.


​Alternatively, you can also click Tickets → + Add a ticket in the left navigation menu. ​


  • Enter the required details in the ticket submission page. You need to specify Subject, TypeArea and Group.
  • Giving as much information as possible will help agents to better understand the issue. Formatting tools are available to fully edit your text. 
  • In order to explain the problem you are dealing with, you can also add screenshots or other documents using Add attachment
  • You can prioritize the ticket selecting the box - Priority right on the top.
  • Click on Confirm to submit the ticket.

You may want to know how to view tickets and reply them.

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