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Configure Chat to appear on feedback widget :

Deskero Live support helps you provide real time support for your customers. Deskero offers a popup widget which can be embedded into your website. So that your customers can contact you for immediate solution.



  • Choose from any of the three widget types. The default is Chat and feedback


To activate the chat widget which will allow your clients to contact your agents in real time directly from your website you first need to enable it.

Follow these instructions:





  • Navigate to Settings → under Customize →   Feedback widget.
  • In the Feedback widget page, choose the type Chat and feedback.
  • click on confirm to save the settings.

Embed Chat widget:

Users can start a conversation with a single mouse click using Feedback widget. The embedded widget appears at bottom right on your website. If required, you can make the chat widget accessible as a popup.


The code offered under Embed this code for popup helps you embedding the popup widget in your webpage.

Here are the instructions to embed the popup code:




  1. Copy the code given above
  2. open your website's header section and look for the tag < /head >. Paste the given code just before it and save the changes.
  3. Now the next step is to call the popup using this hook - widget.openInPopup();

           To call the popup, open your webpage's code where you want to place the popup link. Paste this -  < a href="javascript: widget.openInPopup();" >Live Support< /a >

Voila! You can start serving your customers on Livechat. You can verify on your end navigating to your home page and clicking the link. Here is an example Code with a sample Live Support button.

Here is how the Popup works:

User clicks on the link or chat button

Chat window pops up:


Chat conversation on front end:

It is easy for end users/customers to approach you on live chat. Here is how chat button appears on front end.  




  • This is a way your customers approach you:






  • Customers simply choose from Send a request or Start a chat. To begin live conversation, the end users need to click on Start a chat.

Users can start the conversation entering the Name and Email


Here is the beginning of conversation


Chats can be converted into Tickets anytime. If there isn't any agent available online, visitors can submit an offline message.







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