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In order to configure a custom domain for your support portal, you need to create a cname alias on your domain control panel. DNS settings are easy to manage, but control panel options may vary depending on your domain registrar where you purchased the domain.

Configuring your domain registered on’s domain control panel offers advanced tools for DNS management. If you registered your domain on, you can create a cname record by logging into their domain control panel.

Creating a cname record on your Domain Control Panel


  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to “Account”. You will be redirected to the domain management panel which provides a list of your domains.


  • Click on the Domain name you want to use.
  • Select the option DNS Records under Domain settings page.           
  • You will see a list of domain aliases already created. Choose a fresh row to create the cname record. Fill in the necessary details. This screenshot should give an idea:




  • Enter Host name and address of domain which it should point to. Don’t worry if you are confused with terminology. We will explain to make your job easier.

Type: As we said, the record should be a cname alias. Hence, select the type of sub domain as “cname” from the selection list.
Host: Give a host name. To give your helpdesk an address like- “”, enter “support” under the field “Host”.
Answer: The answer is the address which your domain should be pointed to. Enter your deskero’s domain here.
TTL: It means Time To Leave. Set it as 3600.




  • Verify domain details you entered for the cname record. Click on Add Record to save it as shown in the image.  


           That’s it! The created record looks like this:




  • Once you finish setting up cname record, login to your Deskero dashboard and configure this newly created custom domain there

          Note : It can take up to 48 hours for domain changes to be propagated.


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