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174 Views How does Facebook channel work for end users?

Deskero's multichannel support solution helps you turn your Facebook into a support channel. Any post or private message addressed on your Facebook page will be automatically converted into tickets and you will be able to use Facebook messages as traditional support queries. Learn about configuring Facebook as a support channel.

This is how the customer starts conversation:
  • Screenshot- User creates post

  • Screenshot - This is how the submitted post looks actually.

  • Screenshot - Here is how the ticket looks like on agent’s end

  • Screenshot - Agent replies to the customer

  • Screenshot - End-user get’s notification:
  • The User can view entire conversation on Facebook page:

  • Customers can also submit requests via Private messages. These are privately accessible and customers can followup through Facebook Chat.
This is how a customer use a Personal messages to send a request:

  • Customer submits post
  • Agent sees it and supply an answer:

  • Customers get a notification when agents reply to their ticket

  • Customers may read and reply via Chat:

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