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336 Views How to review Tickets and check their status

A support ticket allows you to get in touch with an agent and ask for help. As soon as you create a new ticket, you’ll receive an email containing a link: you can keep track of all the ticket activity using the same email thread, or click the link which redirects you to the full conversation on the Deskero’s Dashboard.

1) Login to your Dashboard and navigate to Tickets (left panel) → All tickets

2) Search for your ticket using the search box and filters.


3) Click on Open at top of your ticket



4) Check it's status from the ticket page


          Labels highlighted with colored boxes represent ticket properties.

Opened - highlighted with Magenta color shows status.
Urgent - with Orange represents priority  
Incident - in Green denotes the type of ticket

You may want to know how to reply tickets.

Manage Tickets