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256 Views How do I create Multi-brand Support portals?

Your business may need multiple support desks to handle requests related to two or more products. Deskero allows companies to create dedicated portals for each product using a single account. This feature is available only through our Power subscription plan.

You can create completely different portals, with different names, customized branding and custom domains (if required).

To create a Multi-brand portal,

  1. Login to Deskero. Navigate to Settings → Public Portal → Multi-brand portal

  2. Portal domain: Choose a domain name for your new Multi-brand portal.

  3. External domain to access Deskero: Enter your external domain to map your helpdesk with a custom URL, e.g., 

  4. Agent Group: Select a group of agents or create a new group to which you want to assign the portal, e.g., Electronics.

  5. Choose the default language for your customers and agents. You can specify different languages for agents and customers. For example, if your support staff operate from Spain targeting US customers, you can select English as “Default language for customers” and Spanish as “Default language for agents”. 

  6. Name your product and enter a brief description to it. 


  7. Enter your service conditions and privacy policy. 

  8. Upload logos for your new portal’s frontend, dashboard and add a favicon. 

  9. Choose the color set for your custom portal.

  10. Review the details and click Confirm to create the portal.


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