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Deskero multichannel support solution offers you a channel for Live Support where you can answer customer queries in real time. Deskero’s integrated Chat module allows you to get real time queries right through Deskero’s dashboard. Using the Chat your clients can get in touch with agents directly, and immediately get a solution to their problems.

To enable Chat,

1) Navigate to SettingsAgentsGlobal Settings
    In the Global Settings page, scroll down and look for the settings block- Public chat permissions.


The default chat permissions are set to Nobody. You need to change this in order to enable the Chat feature. 

  • All - Let everyone in your support team access the chat system. Select this to allow all your agents to deal with chat requests. 
  • Someone - This option allows you to specify agents who you want to access the chat. Select one or more agents to handle chat requests. 

2) Click Confirm to save the settings.

Routing chat requests based on customer's Language 

Deskero routes chat requests based on customers and agent's languages. For example, if an agent "X" speaks only Spanish, the chat system can be configured to forward particular requests from Spanish customers. Chat requests come from other customers will be routed to other agents.

To configure, simply select the languages that agents could deal with and click Confirm.

Once you enable Chat, you can embed chat popup widget, manage chats and check previous chat history under the dashboard.

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