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Creating a Knowledge base solution is as easy as drafting an email. Knowledge base Solutions can be created by Agents as well as Admins. Also customers can suggest solutions just like the agents and you can approve them after reviewing the submissions.

Approving Knowledge base solutions and marking a set of solutions as Featured is possible just by a single click.

Instructions to prepare the  Knowledge base solutions:

Login to Deskero using your login credentials. On the left panel of Dashboard, hover on the menu Knowledge base. Then, click on Add solution.


  • Enter title for Knowledge base solution
  • check the box Featured if you want the solution be featured and highlighted.
  • You may need to check Approved for approving the solutions submitted by customers.
  • Select an area under which you want to categorize the solution.
  • You can create a new area using the link add a new area.
  • Prepare the solution in the editor as shown in the second picture. Use formatting options to format the article as required.
    You can add videos from Youtube/Vimeo using the option    Insert video           
  • Tags: Tag your solutions with specific keywords to ease the browsing. Ex: Login, signin, account
  • Add attachment: This lets you add an attachment.


  • Don’t just create a KB solution, you can also specify the SEO. This picture helps you more:


  • Review all the details you added and click Confirm to save.

Plans that support the feature: Newbie, Social, Business, Power

Knowledge base
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