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Customers are end users who avail your service and need your support. Customers will automatically be added to Deskero when they send an email or submit a request via Social media. 

Manually, agents/administrators may invite or add users.

If you want to invite a new Customer to sign up your support portal you can do it by sending an invitation mail.

  1. To Invite a customer, Navigate to the Left panel →  Customers → Invite a customer 
  2. Submit the name and email address of whom you want to invite. 
  3. Using Invite a new customer, you need not fill the long form or remember all your customer details.
  4. Customers will be notified and sent a signup link to register an account.
  5. Customer account will be created once they confirm the registration and click on signup.

Take a look at this article for directions on how to view customer details and ticket history.

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