246 Views How to add and use Notes for tickets?

Managing tickets include internal reviews and collaborate with fellow support agents. You may need to add notes for particular tickets where additional details are needed for internal review. That helps team members and management in escalation.

To add notes,

Open the ticket which you want to add notes or select a ticket from the ticket list.

  1. On top right of the ticket, you will find an icon .
  2. Click on it to open the popup Add note.
  3. Select an agent to whom you want to assign the note.
  4. Enter notes that needs your staff’s attention and click on Save.

How Notes can be useful?

  1. The note icon turns orange once you add notes to the ticket . That alerts other agents to review it.
  2. Submitted notes can be accessed clicking on the icon and see what can be done to resolve it.

How to edit and delete notes:

Editing Notes: Notes can be edited and make changes simply by opening Notes and clicking on Edit button.
Deleting Notes: Notes once added can be deleted anytime you wish. To delete, just open the notes and click on Delete.         

Be warned that you cannot restore the notes once you delete it.
Deletion of notes doesn’t need any confirmation. Better think twice before deleting.




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