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329 Views How do I configure email account using “Forward to Deskero mail account”?

Using Forward to Deskero mail account, you can automatically forward your customer emails to Deskero, where they’ll be imported and converted into Tickets without using standard IMAP/POP3 protocols. For example, you can forward all emails from your support email id to Deskero.

Setting up Forward to Deskero mail account:

  1. Login to Deskero Dashboard, navigate to Settings Email accounts
  2. In the page All email accounts → click the big green button + Add Account
  3. Select Forward to Deskero mail account from the drop down menu and click to create a New mail account
  4. Enter the data for your new account
  5. Account Name: Give a name for the new account Ex: Deskero Customer Care
  6. Forward your emails to: Copy the “Forward-to” email address generated by Deskero and provided in this box and paste it in your own mail server configuration.
  7. Import attachments: Check the option Import attachments to import files attached from customer emails
  8. Ticket properties: All the emails from the configured address will be categorized under this Type, Area and Group.
  9. Make sure to specify Agent or Agent group whom you want the tickets to be assigned to.
  10. Click Confirm to save the settings

Done! You have added a mail account to import emails. Now you need to configure your own email software with the address given in the “Forward-to” box.

Take a look at this article for information on how to forward emails from your Gmail account.


  • Deskero supports Email piping. Customers receive notification for every email they can reply using the same email thread.
  • The headers that we handle from the originating mail server are:
  • Choose an admin group or an agent Under Assigned to.
  • Make sure you copy the entire email address generated by Deskero and configure it in your email settings.
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