195 Views How to create Company and add customers via customer base

Deskero Customer base tool helps you manage customer profiles, user data and update records when required. You can specify additional fields and details like company where customers belong to.

The field Company helps you identify your customers based on the company name they represent. You can add or edit companies using the tab Companies or right on customer profiles.

  • You can add or edit company by navigating to Left panel →  Customers →  Your customers → Companies
  • Under the tab Companies, click on the big green button + New Company


  • In the resulted form, enter the details like Name, Vat and hourly rate. You can also enter the full postal address of the company.



  • Choose whom you want add to the new company.



  • Click on Confirm to save the details.

Add companies right from user profile -  Alternate way:

Companies can also be created right from user profile.



  • To add, click on the link Add a new company which is available on top row while creating a customer.

In the profile shown above, John Doe’s company name is John & Jane. You can edit it or add a new company.



  • Enter required fields via popup form:




  • Enter the required details like Company name which your customer represents, such as city, district and country. 
  • Click on save to store the details.

Individual customer details can be managed navigating to individual customer profiles



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