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We call Ticket any request or query coming from customers.

Deskero was created to handle support requests from multiple channels besides the traditional web interface. Such as email, social networks and feedback widget. Support queries from Chat and Telephonic conversations also can be converted into tickets.

Here is how a ticket submission form appears (for agents):


Tickets can be categorized and assigned to concerned departments or agents. These can be classified by Type & channel and categorized under Area Groups.

Type :
Ticket types help you classify a ticket based on the query type. Default types are- incident, request, task.

Channel: Support channels are your Helpdesk divisions which customers use as per their convenience. Channels that are currently available are- Web interface, email, chat, social networks, SMS, phone inbound, phone outbound.      

Area: Ticket areas help you categorize tickets where they need to be, for example, General and Sales etc.  

Group: Ticket groups help you categorize tickets under specific groups, for example, Electronics and Fashion etc.
StatusTicket status tells you what’s going on with the ticket. Ex: Opened and Solved

Here is how an open support request looks like:

Ticket assignment rules:

Deskero allows administrators to configure basic or custom rules for ticket assignment.  The default configuration for these tickets to assign is Basic: automatic assignment. Administrators can configure special rules using Advanced assignment rules for flexible ticket assignment.

Ticket assigning rules for tickets coming from Social media are explained here. You may also need to check agent permissions. 

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