383 Views How do I deal with Ticket assignment rules?

Ticket assignment rules help you manage support portals efficiently. The rules tell the tickets how and to whom they should reach. Assignment rules for tickets submitted via e-Mail, Chat and Web UI can be configured under Settings  → Ticket business rules.

Configuring Ticket assignment rules:

Ticket assignment can be done in two ways - Basic: automatic assignment and Advanced: manual assignment.

When Basic: automatic assignment is set, the system takes care of ticket assigning automatically. Deskero sorts all incoming tickets among agents, without making difference between the source (mail, social, website feedback etc.).

For example, if you have two different agents, they’ll receive a ticket each and the workload will be fairly shared between them. "Basic: automatic assignment" is used by default.

Advanced: manual assignment: This helps you specify custom rules for dispatching tickets to a concerned team or agent by categorizing into Ticket areas and Ticket groups.  

To configure business ticket rules,

  1. Navigate to Settings  → Business rules → Ticket Assignment rules.
  2. Choose  Advanced: manual assignment to specify your own rules.
  3. Click on the green button + New to add a new rule.

  4. A dialogue New assignment rule pops up where you need to configure required options.  
  5. Ticket type: Select what type of tickets should you assign. By default three types- Request, Incident and Task are available to choose from and you can create more.
  6. Ticket Area: Specify a ticket area which you want these tickets to be placed under.
  7. Ticket groups: Ticket groups help you categorize tickets. Choose a group to which you want to assign tickets. 
  8. Alternative to the groups, you can choose a single Agent to assign tickets.
  9. The options Priority and Top client help you prioritize the tickets. 

Editing Ticket assignment rules:

To edit,

  1. Navigate to Settings  → Business rules → Ticket Assignment rules.
  2. Choose the assignment rule that you want to modify and click the green button Edit.          
  3. Edit the options like Ticket type and other options you required to change. Click on Save to update the rules.
  4. Hit Confirm when you finish editing all the rules.
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