146 Views What is Newbie plan and how do I downgrade to the Free plan?

Deskero Multi-Channel Solution is offered with different feature set under four different plans to help a range of businesses. We offer a Free plan- Newbie with all the basic features you need to run a Helpdesk and our paid plans start from $4 with a 14 day Free Trial. Take a look at our pricing for more details.

When you signup to Deskero using, you are automatically given a Power account with a 14 day Free trial and upon expiration of the trial period you will be asked to pay to continue using the service with the Power plan.

You can also continue using the service downgrading to our Free plan. But once we downgrade your account, you will be losing all the Power features like Multiple Social Channels, Scenario automation and any customization done using the advanced features during the trial. Don't worry, you will not lose your Tickets and the customer data.

See Full Features Comparison for details on our features offered under different plans.

Contact us at to downgrade to Newbie plan or for any information.


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