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The main chat button in bottom left corner shows who (clients, visitors or other agents) is online and allows you to easily switch between different chats. The Chat button also indicates the number of active users on the chat system and your status (available, busy, offline, invisible).      


In the above example, the number highlighted with green indicates that 56 visitors are online. The color green indicates that you are visible to visitors/customers and ready to attend the chat requests.

You can view who is online by clicking on the Main chat button:


Choose a visitor to start a conversation or reply the visitors who start the chat.


Clicking on the Icon manage-current-chatpng on right, we can use a simple menu.

Main chat menu:

Status: Here you’ll find four status options- available, busy, invisible and online for agents.  
For example, if you choose online for agents, your live chat will be accessible only by other staff members.

View log: Click on view log to get a complete transcript of the current chat session.

go off-line: change your status to offline
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