Featured solutions 162 Views How do I assign a Ticket manually?

Agents may pick a ticket of their choice and assign it manually using the option Take Charge. This helps agents to take over or assign an unassigned ticket.

To let agents to take charge of tickets, you need to enable the option Manual take in charge while setting up Ticket assignment rules or by editing an existing assignment rule. 

Configuring Ticket assignment rules to enable the option

  1. Login to your Deskero account. Navigate to Settings → Business rules →  Ticket assignment
  2. Create a new Ticket assignment rule or edit an existing rule by clicking on Edit. See Ticket assignment rules.
  3. Check the option Manual take in charge to enable it from the popup and click Save.
  4. Click Confirm to update.

Assigning Tickets

  1. Once the feature is enabled, you will see a button Take Charge on the top of each ticket. Click it to assign tickets to yourself or other agents. 
  2. Assign the ticket to yourself or select an agent to whom you want to assign it. You can add a CC and add notes.
  3. Click Confirm to update. 
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