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Deskero immediately notifies you when an agent replies to your ticket. You can follow up with the agent, who will probably be asking you more questions in order to better help you out.

Reply using your email client or whatever channel you have been using in the conversation: Deskero Dashboard, Facebook, Twitter etc.

To reply to tickets via Dashboard,

1) Login to your Deskero account. Navigate to ticket list and find the ticket that you want to reply.

2) Click Open at the top right to view the ticket.


3) Review agent’s response. If nobody has replied yet you can also add another message with additional details.  

  • Insert all the information you want to send. You can use basic formatting tools to format the text.
  • Change the status if required. Details about Ticket Status are available here.
  • Verify the details once.

4) Click on the green Reply button, at the bottom of your ticket page.

Using One click reply

As an alternative, you can also reply with a single click. 

For that, 

1) Look for the option Reply at the top of each ticket you have access to, in the ticket list page. 

2) Enter your response when the ticket reply box pops up and click the green button Reply.


You can add more information using as many replies as it takes to resolve the issue.

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