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Explaining the Chat Menu on left panel:

Deskero’s integrated Live Chat module helps you offer live support right from Deskero’s dashboard.

After enabling the Live chat, agents or administrators can manage chat conversations right from dashboard. Agents can view user details like location & device details, previous chat history and convert conversations to tickets.

Here are the instructions:

Login to dashboard and navigate to the Chat on left panel. It offers two pages which help you manage chats and access chat history:


  • Online Visitors: Helps you view, access and manage visitors. The number specifies number of visitors online.
  • All chat logs: Check user details, time of chat and review conversation.




Navigate to Chat on left panel → Online visitors.
You can see who is online and the webpage they currently view. So that you will get an idea where they are from and what they are referring to.


Online Visitors - page elements explained:

  1. Visitor: Click on User links (under the column Visitor) to access full details. You may edit user details and add notes for future reference.
  2. From: It denotes the region
  3. Viewing: Shows the page name and the page link they access on your website.
  4. Visits: Denotes how many times the user visited
  5. Chats: Specifies number of chats user started

User dialogue explained:


  1. User details
    • Full name: View or edit the name of your customer.
    • Email: View or update the customer’s email address.
    • Phone number: You can update phone number here.

      2. Notes:  Helps you add any important notes about the user. Useful when user visits first time.
      3. User location: Know the location and computer details.
      4. Last visited pages: See what the user visited recently.
      5. Chat with customer: Helps you start or resume the chat after verifying the user details.

Explaining chat boxes active and minimized:

In dashboard, agents can access all chats and switch from one to another by using master chat button at bottom left. Master chat button highlights number of active users / chats.


  • Clicking on master chat button, we see a popup with the list of users online.


  • Agents can chat with each user in separate chat boxes.
  • They can minimize the chats while dealing with another and resume when they want to.

The icons just before user names indicate status of your users. The eye  means that user is watching something on remote web site. The icon-conversation  indicates the user is active on a chat.

Dealing with chats on dashboard:
Chat window can be viewed in two forms. One is minimal which enables you to switch between other chat conversations.  You can deal with multiple chats or maximize each chat box for a better view and no distraction using this .

You can minimize, Maximize or restore the chat boxes on backend as shown below:


Here is how maximized chat looks like:


Chat window explained:

Maximized chat box lets you access full details of visitors and make a note of device details.

1) Name: Name of the visitor you deal on chat will be displayed at top on Title bar.
2) Actions on top left: You can see a drop down menu with few actions related to the chat window.


          Actions- manage current chat:

    • ticket from chat: You can convert chat conversations to tickets. This Knowledge base article about converting chat to ticket guides you through.
    • view log: View complete log of your chat.
    • close session: Close chat session on your(agent or admin) end.

        The icon- double arrow helps you restore or maximize chat window / box.

Conversation area: Conversation area shows the entire conversation differentiating date, user details and chat messages.


3) Name of user/customer with his profile photo and his message with time-stamp.
4) Name of agent with his profile photo and his message with time-stamp.
5) Text-area to converse with user.
6) User bio and notes area to add additional details. They can be edited anytime.
7) User location, Browser and device details with IP.

At bottom of dashboard, you can see chat boxes minimized. The one at left is the Master chat box with list of chats and you can choose each chat to open up and start conversation.

You can review previous conversations and chat history by accessing logs.

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