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Deskero enables you to collect feedback and accept support queries in an easy way.

The feedback widget allows every customer to contact you directly from your site, using a simple form that appears in the lower right corner of the web page. Every message submitted in this way will be converted in a Deskero ticket

Setting up the Feedback widget is very easy, and you can do it without any technical assistance from our side:

1. Navigate to Settings →  Customize →  click on Feedback widget

2. Choose one of the three available widget types. (Default configuration is Chat and feedback)

Chat and feedback: This widget type allows customers to submit both feedback messages and chat requests.
Only chat: When this widget type is enabled your customers can only submit chat requests. This is useful if you want to use the widget only for real-time conversations.
Only feedback: Select this if you want to use the widget only for Feedback submissions through text messages and not for real-time conversations.


3. Select a color-set for your feedback widget from the seven different colors given. Also specify a position and distance from the window border.

4. Enter the title  for your feedback widget. This will appear on the top of your widget and should be used to invite clients to get in touch.

You can also enter it in different languages if you need it.

           Ex: Submit your query or a feedback!

5. Enter the message that shows up after a client has submitted his feedback.    Ex: Your request has been sent. We'll reply as soon as possible!

6. To embed the widget you need to place the code offered under Embed this code directly into your HTML  just before the tag </ body >, so that it appears sitewide.


How to Embed the widget in your web site:
  1. Copy the code given under the block “Embed this code”
  2. open your website's footer section and look for the tag < / body >. Paste the given code just before the body tag and save the changes.


Done! Now you can visit your home page to see how it works . Here is a sample Code.

How to Embed the Popup widget in your web pages:
  • Deskero also offers a popup widget which can be used to accept support queries from your website.

You can copy the code shown above and link the popup on your webpage.
  • You can preview it in any language you choose using the blue Preview button on the right.
  • Hit Confirm button to save changes.

In this knowledge base article you can find a complete guide on how integrate it - Configure and embed Popup widget

FeedBack widget
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