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Deskero offers a range of features to build and run a full-fledged knowledge base for your support desk. Knowledge base solutions can be arranged in Groups and categorized under Areas.

Additionally, Deskero allows you to publish News to announce and provide updates for customers.

Groups:    You can groupify a set of support Knowledge Base areas under specific groups.  So that users can navigate through and find the required solutions in time.
Ex: 24/7 Support, Power Users, On-premise installation.

Areas: Knowledge Areas help you list solutions based on topics. You can categorize topics under the suitable areas and then groupify them. Ex: Tickets, Chat, Social Networks.

News:     News let you add announcements and important updates about your product and changes.

Solutions:    Solutions give help users answering their queries before they they submit. These are mostly the self-guided material to resolve the issues, clarify doubts and some times help as How-to articles guiding the customers.

You can manage Knowledge base by navigating to Settings → Knowledge base.

Plans that support the feature: Newbie, Social, Business, Power.

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