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120 Views How do I create a scenario to send an autoresponder?

Administrators can create a Scenario to send an email when certain conditions are met. This article guides you through configuring a Scenario to alert the supervisor when an Agent assigns a Top priority ticket to another.

Creating a scenario to send an autoresponder:

  1. Login to Deskero account using your credentials

  2. Navigate to Settings Business rules Scenario

  3. Click the green +New Scenario on the right

  4. Enter the description for your scenario and specify how you want it to be executed

  5. Execution: Select the automated execution mode “The scenario will be automatically executed”

  6. Type: Choose the execution type as “All conditions must match ”

  7. Event: Specify the event in order to execute the scenario when customers add a response to tickets, i.e., A ticket is assigned or self assigned

  8. Conditions: Specify conditions to look for tickets just assigned

    1. Click on +Add new condition

    2. Condition #1: Look for Top client​ in the Actions menu and add it. Choose "Yes" from the dropdown

  9. Action: Now the final step is to specify the action to send email. For that,

    1. Click on +Add new action.

    2. Add Send an email from the menu

    3. Specify an email id in the field Send an email: address, e.g, Fausto Iannuzzi.

    4. Enter a subject for the email in the Subject field.

    5. Enter email body in the text area Text. You can use Placeholders from a list that pops up when clicked on Show placeholders.

  10. Click Confirm to save the scenario

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