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123 Views Configuring "MySMS" as a support channel

Deskero multichannel support solution offers you a channel for SMS support where you can answer customer queries in real time. Requests sent to your mobile will automatically convert into tickets and can be treated as regular support requests.
We currently support MySMS, a cross-platform text messaging service for smartphones, tablet computers and computers. We are planning to add more services.
How do I configure MySMS?
To configure MySMS as a support channel:
  1. Login to your Deskero support portal
  1. Navigate to Settings Chat & feedbacks
  1. In the page MySMS → click the big green button + New MySMS Account
  2. Enter your MySMS credentials

    • API key
    • Mobile Number / MSISDN number
    • Password
  3. Enable the option SMS if you want to disallow users/customers from using MySMS's Chat feature. After activating this option, your users will be forced to use SMS.
  4. Check "Enabled" to activate the support channel
  5. Click Confirm to save the settings
    How do I get API credentials?
    You need to contact MySMS's dev team sending a mail to for API credentials of your MySMS account.
    How will customers send a query?
    Customers can send an sms to your number (the support phone number which you configured in your support portal) as they do normally.
    How will customers send queries via MySMS? 
    Customers will send their query just by sending a message to your MySMS number and it converts into a ticket. Customers can attach files, add a smiley and schedule the message if they wish.

    Can I attach files and images?
    Yes! Users can attach files via MySMS and they will be imported to Deskero without any issues. In the same way, file attachments can also be sent via Deskero.
    How will agents respond?
    Agents can track every single ticket that comes from MySMS and manage them as regular support requests.
    How do I force users to use SMS functionality instead of MySMS's Chat feature?
    You can force users to use only SMS functionality and disable chat feature by enabling the option "SMS" in the MySMS channel settings as explained above. If you don't want it to enable globally, you can force users just by enabling "Force SMS sending" on each ticket.

    How much time does it take to import SMS?
    SMS' sent to your support portal will be imported in 5 seconds to 1 minute. 
    I am not seeing a customer message. What is going on?
    Once a customer's SMS converted into a ticket, all followup messages or subsequent responses appends to the primary ticket. Say, a customer X submitted an SMS at 10 AM CEST on September-10, it arrives Deskero as a new ticket and all messages followed up in the next 24 hours will be appended to the same ticket. On September-11, another request from the same customer will be opened as a new ticket. This was designed so to ensure that no duplicate tickets are raised related to the same conversation.
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