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Ever thought about using your own domain for your Helpdesk? Deskero enables you to use a custom name for your support portal.

To configure a custom domain for your support portal, you need to create a cname alias on your domain control panel. DNS settings are easy to manage, but control panel options may vary depending on your domain registrar. Here is how lets you manage domain.

Creating cname records on other Registrars:

Most of the registrars have similar interface. Follow these instructions to configure:


  • Sign in to your Registrar / domain control panel
  • Navigate to your Domain Name Server (DNS) management page. The location and name of this page varies by host, but can generally be found in the Domain Management or Advanced Settings section.
  • Find the CNAME settings and in the section 'CNAME value or alias' enter the sub-domain you'd like to map the URL to.

Sub-domain for would be support.



  • Set the CNAME destination to the following address:
  • Save your changes with your domain registrar.

If you have any queries or problem setting up cname record, contact us at


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