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Dealing customer requests and managing tickets is a typical process in customer service. Analysing, categorizing and replying the tickets stay top than any other task in businesses. You may find tickets which are similar in nature or related to a single issue.


Customer X reports a problem raising a ticket #01/2014. That is assigned to Tech team. Before he gets resolution, one of his colleagues may have reported the same issue on another ticket. Also there are chances that follow up mails may turn into new tickets. To ease your task of handling the tickets, you can merge them into a single one. So that there will not be any confusion and customers get timely resolution without any hassle.

This action will simply combine two tickets or more without losing necessary details. When you merge tickets,

  1. One of the tickets become the primary ticket.
  2. The entire conversation from the secondary ticket is moved to the primary ticket.
  3. All the duplicated tickets will be removed.  
  4. A note can be added to the tickets explaining the reason for merging.

How to merge two (or more) tickets?

  1. Login to Dashboard, navigate to Tickets from Left panel → All tickets

  2. Search and select the ticket you want to merge from the ticket list. Use ticket filters or the search box.         
  3. Click on Show to open up the ticket        
  4. Click on Actions at the bottom of the ticket and from the drop down menu click on the first action Merge ticket.         

  5. You will be redirected to a list of tickets from the particular user/customer. At the right side of each ticket, you will find a check box. Choose duplicated tickets which you want to merge.         
  6. Click on Go ahead and merge and hit Confirm.          

Note: Duplicate tickets will be removed except the primary one into which you merged it. 

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