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How do I manually insert a ticket into Deskero (as an agent)? (136 Views)

You can manually add a ticket through the menu on your left: just click Tickets, navigate straight to the bottom and select +Add a ticket.

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How does Deskero assign tickets to a group of agents? (111 Views)

When assigning tickets to a group of agents, Deskero automatically sorts them, dividing them equally between the agents that will all share the same amount

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How does Deskero decide how to assign a ticket? (122 Views)

The default configuration is quite basic: Deskero sorts all the incoming tickets between the existing agents, without making any difference between the source (mail, social,... [more]

What do those red circles with a number inside mean? (100 Views)

Those are ticket counters. They remind you how many tickets you still have to reply to.

The counters only count tickets that are directly assigned... [more]

Who can see my notes? (88 Views)

When you enter a note, it can be seen only by you and other agents, not by customers… it’s a great tool to exchange internal... [more]