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Access all chat logs and review chat history (112 Views)

Deskero logs every activity of Live chat enabling administrators(also agents) to access and review chat history. An advanced interface is available in dashboard to deal
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Configure and Embed Live chat (167 Views)

Configure Chat to appear on feedback widget :

Deskero Live support helps you provide real time support for your customers. Deskero offers a popup widget which

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Disable Live Chat for your support portal (97 Views)

By default chat is enabled for Support portal and your customers can contact you from front-end using the Feedback widget. When agents are off-line, chat... [more]

Enable Live Chat for your Support Portal (155 Views)

Deskero multichannel support solution offers you a channel for Live Support where you can answer customer queries in real time. Deskero’s integrated Chat module allows you

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How do I deal with Offline messages? (192 Views)

If there isn't any agent available online, visitors can still submit a message that will be immediately converted in a ticket.


Chat option on the Feedback/Chat... [more]

How to convert chats to tickets? (104 Views)

Deskero Live chat enables you to deal support requests in real time. Sometimes you may need to convert the conversations into a ticket and assign to your agents... [more]

How to manage chats (165 Views)

Explaining the Chat Menu on left panel:

Deskero’s integrated Live Chat module helps you offer live support right from Deskero’s dashboard.

After enabling the Live chat, agents

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Main chat button - Explained: (90 Views)

The main chat button in bottom left corner shows who (clients, visitors or other agents) is online and allows you to easily switch between different... [more]