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Branding your support portal - Customize logo and color set (130 Views)

Branding your support portal with your company Logo and Favicon and change colorset is simple and easy: with a customized design you can give to your

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How to add News (105 Views)

Deskero helps you make announcements and publish important updates about your product using the News section.

To publish
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How to create cname on various domain registrars (101 Views)

Ever thought about using your own domain for your Helpdesk? Deskero enables you to use a custom name for your support portal.

To configure a

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How to create cname record for your custom domain (115 Views)

In order to configure a custom domain for your support portal, you need to create a cname alias on your domain control panel. DNS settings

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How to setup custom domain for your support portal (123 Views)

The standard URL of your Deskero support page is However, if you use the Power account you can choose a specific name of your

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