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How can I share a knowledge base solution? (125 Views)

Sharing a knowledge base solution on a social network is a great way to offer "mass customer care": you can publish on twitter or Facebook

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How do I create Download Areas? (57 Views)

Deskero lets you manage your own download center to share documents and softwares. 

To create a Knowledgebase area for File downloads:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then look for the section Knowledge base and
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How to create Knowledge base Groups (114 Views)

You can categorize a set of support Knowledge Base areas under specific Groups.  So that users can navigate through and find the required solutions in

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How to create a Knowledge base solution (109 Views)

Creating a Knowledge base solution is as easy as drafting an email. Knowledge base Solutions can be created by Agents as well as Admins. Also customers can suggest solutions just

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How to create a new knowledge base area (110 Views)

You can classify Knowledge base solutions into Areas.

To create Knowledge base areas:

  1. Login to Deskero dashboard and navigate to Settings → Knowledge Base → Areas
  2. Under the page All
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Knowledge base - A detailed introduction (113 Views)

Helping customers with a solution within their reach would help you gain their hearts. In this way, customers get solutions to their problems and answers

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Knowledge base structure (129 Views)

Deskero offers a range of features to build and run a full-fledged knowledge base for your support desk. Knowledge base solutions can be arranged in

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