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Access Customer details and history (160 Views)

Access and editing individual customer details is easy on Deskero. You can edit individual customer data, merge duplicate profiles and browse through customer history.

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Customer settings- Configure permissions for your customers (104 Views)

Deskero gives you full access to manage and control your customer base. You can manage your customers and configure their permissions right from Deskero dashboard.

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How do I edit customer details? (133 Views)

You can edit your client details, by navigating to the Customers menu on the left panel

Navigate to Customers → Your customers

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How to access and manage Customers (112 Views)

Deskero support portal provides an advanced interface for customer base and customer management. You can manage your customers and their support requests right from here.

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How to add new customers (106 Views)

Customer accounts are automatically created when they send an email or submit a query using any of your support channels.
Manually, you can add

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How to create Company and add customers via customer base (113 Views)

Deskero Customer base tool helps you manage customer profiles, user data and update records when required. You can specify additional fields and details like company

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How to invite Customers (114 Views)

Customers are end users who avail your service and need your support. Customers will automatically be added to Deskero when they send an email or

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What about the Top client flag? (153 Views)

While adding a customer to your customer database, there are plenty of fields that you can edit: from his telephone number to all his social

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