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How do I assign a Ticket manually? (91 Views)

Agents may pick a ticket of their choice and assign it manually using the option Take Charge. This helps agents to take over or assign an unassigned

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How do I deal with Ticket assignment rules? (227 Views)

Ticket assignment rules help you manage support portals efficiently. The rules tell the tickets how and to whom they should reach. Assignment rules for tickets submitted

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How do I deal with Ticket's Status? (151 Views)

Ticket Status denotes what’s currently happening with a ticket. Deskero have four different statuses by default - Open, Pending, Closed and Resolved. 

You can check what’s going on

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How do I edit Tickets? (145 Views)

Agents have a choice to edit tickets. Once a ticket is submitted, it can be tracked and updated with more details. 


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How to add and use Notes for tickets? (142 Views)

Managing tickets include internal reviews and collaborate with fellow support agents. You may need to add notes for particular tickets where additional details are needed

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How to create Ticket areas, Groups and Types (152 Views)

Deskero categorizes tickets based on Assignment rules automatically

Ticket areas: Deskero lets you classify tickets into Ticket areas. For example, Technical, Sales, Affiliates and Accounts. 

To configure ticket areas,

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How to merge tickets (131 Views)

Dealing customer requests and managing tickets is a typical process in customer service. Analysing, categorizing and replying the tickets stay top than any other task

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Ticketing system - Explained (170 Views)

We call Ticket any request or query coming from customers.

Deskero was created to handle support requests from multiple channels besides the traditional web interface.

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