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Can I add additional languages to the system by myself? (104 Views)

Nope, sorry. Only the Deskero staff can add other languages. If you need a specific language that is not yet provided please get in touch... [more]


Does Newbie Plan support all the features? (96 Views)

Newbie Plan has been designed to let you freely explore all our basic features, with no time limitations. However the basic plan is by no

... [more]

How do I delete my account/support portal? (69 Views)

We're very sorry to see you go. You can delete your account by logging into dashboard.

To delete your Deskero account,

  1. Login to your Deskero support portal

... [more]


How do I log in? (105 Views)

To sign in all you have to do is insert your email and your password, and that’s it!  (If you log in as an agent,... [more]


What's the dashboard? (100 Views)

As soon as he logged into the software, each agent will end up in his own dashboard. Here he’ll find a quick summary of the

... [more]