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How do I downgrade from a paid plan to another ? (70 Views)

You can anytime downgrade your subscription from a paid plan to other plans.

To downgrade,

  1. Login to your Deskero support portal using your credentials
  2. Navigate to Settings →
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How do I upgrade from my account’s subscription? (59 Views)

Of course, anytime! You can change plan: it’s as simple as clicking on them in your Account Settings.  Have a look at our Pricing and

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How do I view and print invoices? (69 Views)

Each time you're billed, Deskero posts an invoice, under Account settings. You can print a copy of each available invoice using your browser's Print command.

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What is Newbie plan and how do I downgrade to the Free plan? (78 Views)

Deskero Multi-Channel Solution is offered with different feature set under four different plans to help a range of businesses. We offer a Free plan- Newbie

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