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What about the service notifications on Top bar? (123 Views)

The service notifications on Top bar are always visible on every page in the dashboard and serve as reminder to the agent (or admin) about

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Assigning and Forwarding Tickets (40 Views)

How do I forward or reassign a ticket?

Adding additional agents to a ticket manually

How do I add an additional customer to a ticket using the

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Configuring "MySMS" as a support channel (53 Views)

Deskero multichannel support solution offers you a channel for SMS support where you can answer customer queries in real time. Requests sent to your mobile
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Desktop Notifications (63 Views)

Desktop Notifications alert users when there is a new ticket, a ticket reply or a chat message. When desktop notifications are activated, agents and customers

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Get Started with Deskero (62 Views)

Administrators can easily set up Deskero Support portal. This guide walks you through configuring your support portal with basic customization, multiple agent groups, basic assignment
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How do I configure Email notifications? (100 Views)

When customers submit a new ticket or send an email to your support portal, Deskero notifies both customers and agents about the new request with

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How do I configure Service Levels? (55 Views)

Service level agreement (SLA) policies let you set standards of performance for your support staff. Administrators can set SLA policies for the time within which

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How do I create Multi-brand Support portals? (173 Views)

Your business may need multiple support desks to handle requests related to two or more products. Deskero allows companies to create dedicated portals for each

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How do I export data? (128 Views)

Data stored in your Deskero account (like all your tickets or your Knowledge base items) can be easily exported in XML or json format. Exporting

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How do I make my web portal look more personal? (153 Views)

Now that you are on board, the first thing to do is to spice up your interface by customizing and personalizing it to look more

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How do I setup Multiple Teams (51 Views)

This guide walks you through configuring Deskero Support portal with different agent groups. We're using a sample setup for a business consisting of Technical Support,
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How do I setup a Single Team (47 Views)

Deskero helps you manage and organize your support Team using the centralized dashboard.  This tutorial walks you through how to configure Deskero for a single
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Roles and permissions (102 Views)

Agents, Internal Agents and Administrators are three different roles to deal with tickets and manage Helpdesk. Administrators can add Agents and organize them into Groups.


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